[Interview] 2023 with Climaxx Entertainment - An exclusive interview with Noxie Ace


[Interview] 2023 with Climaxx Entertainment - An exclusive interview with Noxie Ace

2022 has come and gone with lots of memories to hold on to. Jos based dual talented entertainer; 'NOXIE ACE', has shared his insight on how 2022 was to him and what 2023 Will look like. 

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The artist who had a fair year, drop his single 'BEND IT', and featuring on international collaborations has also announced his last single for the year, titled 'INSIDE MY HEAD'.

The interview which lasted for a 10 min duration saw Noxie Ace 2023 expectations.

The interview was like this;

Question: Good day noxie Ace, you are welcome to Arewapublisize interview, to hear your thoughts on how you are pushing your career in 2023

Noxie: I'm honoured to be here

Question: So how was 2022 to you, were you able to achieve 80% of the goals you set for yourself?

Noxie: To be honest with you 2022 had it's ups and downs, i wasn't able to achieve up to that 80 percent of what I set for myself but I achieved a lot this year and I'm thankful for that

Question: OK, you stay in jos, so what area exactly do you stay at?

Noxie: I base in Gada Biu

Question: So how about education, are you in a tertiary institution, or you intend schooling later on

Noxie: I am currently schooling, as much as music is time and energy consuming I still love to study and that's why I'm studying Social Studies Education in University Of Jos.

And I don't really see it as a hindrance to my music because they both compliment each other

Question: Great bro!!

So how can you rate your music production on a scale of 1 - 10

Noxie: I will say I'm around 7.5 reaching 8

Question: Who's the biggest artist you would love to produce for

Mention just a name

Noxie: Hmmm it's hard to pick a single name....but I will pick Burna Boy I just like how he portrays the Afrobeat culture in his music and I'll like to produce a song or songs for Burna Boy

I love other artists as well don't get me wrong 🙏

Question: So how do you see 2023, tell us two of your biggest plans in 2023

Noxie: I'm not at liberty to say anything yet but I can assure you of a lot coming from me God's willing in 2023

Question: Amen

How about ur family

How many siblings do you have

Noxie: I have 3 siblings, I'm the third out of four children.

An elder brother, an elder sister, my humble self and my younger sister

Question: Which states in nigeria , have you being to, apart from plateau state

Noxie: I'm not really the traveling type but I've been to Benue, Kaduna, Abuja and Nassarawa

Question: Drop some wise words for your fans as a message for Christmas

Noxie: Christmas is about family and celebrating God's blessings, so I urge you stay safe, be contented and be happy

-Noxie Ace-

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