Plateau Youth endorse Dr.Patrick Dakum; Labour party governorship candidate



I come to people of Plateau State in peace. I owe you the truth as your Servant. Let me admit that there is no Saint among all the candidates for Governor in Plateau State.

 None of them can exonerate himself from the ignoble past of the negative influence of the APC politics in Plateau State. APC is all about power and money.

 They are the producers of Poverty and corruption. After witnessing how APC organised its gubernatorial primary in Plateau and saw how the ticket was bought and sold to the highest bidder, I remembered how our principal Peter Obi witnessed the same thing in PDP national convention and refused to participate in it but rather left for Labour Party for a new Nigeria. 

APC in Plateau if it was wise enough should have grant peoples request by bring out Dr. Patrick Dakum after how they ruined the hope for the common man but they rather stick to godfatherism.

 The Labour Party is the only pathway for the realisation of the presidential mandate given to Peter Obi. Dr. Patrick Dakum made a wise decision by coming under the canopy of this new trend to a new Nigeria which his ideologies falls in line with the New Nigeria project. He has a mentor in Peter Obi that will help shape him in line with the needed character, capacity and competence in any area he needs it. 

On behalf of the great Plateau youths we are endorsing Dr. Patrick Dakum looking at the future of our people not the past. PDP and APC have failed us. Time to try a new direction has come. Vote Dr. Patrick Dakum of Labour Party for a new Plateau State. and we are sure of his track records that he will make our sweet Plateau great again. Our health will function, trade will flourish and peace will reign Amen.

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